How to Spend a Long Weekend in Richmond

This article was originally published on September 25, 2017 on Master NAVI

Many East Coast dwellers have discovered the joys of the long weekend trip to Richmond, Virginia, already. If you are looking to join their ranks, look over this list of great attractions to visit while in the area.

Edgar Allen Poe Museum

Though the great American poet and author Edgar Allen Poe was born in Boston and died in Baltimore, he lived a portion of his life in Virginia, first as an orphaned child taken in by relatives and then as a student. Since Richmond was the setting for much of Poe’s childhood, it only makes sense that a memorial society would build his museum there. Housed in Richmond’s oldest building in the historic district, easy to visit from many hotels, and containing a collection of Poe’s letters and other memorabilia, the gothic charm of the museum is a treasure to fans of the author and historic architecture alike.

Hollywood Cemetery

The Hollywood Cemetery, named after the lines of nearby holly trees and not the film industry, sits in Oregon Hill, convenient to several fine hotels. The plot of land is the final resting place of many important figures in Southern history, like Jefferson Davis and President James Monroe. With a relatively large number of important graves for historical figures, the cemetery is a frequent destination for college students interested in the past or in the many legends surrounding the place.

Virginia State Capitol

The capitol building for Virginia is located in Richmond and is recognized throughout the United States as an official National Historic Landmark. Situated in a beautiful yet convenient capitol district, the building is open for public tours every day, with both self-guided and professionally managed walkthroughs available. Several monuments and parks are convenient to the building as well, helping you and your family make a day of exploring the environs.

Richmond Coliseum

The Richmond Coliseum is one of the region’s preeminent venues for concerts and other large-scale public performances. Home to the local Arena Pro football franchise the Richmond Roughriders, the Coliseum is near downtown, with many lodgings nearby making a visit easy. Events could include national touring sports, big-name concert acts, comedy acts, racing, and more. Be sure to check the calendar for the dates you plan to visit so you can get tickets for anything that sounds interesting.

The Valentine

Richmond is a city with a rich history that predates the formation of the United States, and the Valentine is the place to go to soak in that history and learn all you can about the place. Formed over a century ago, the Valentine has one of the most extensive collections of historical artifacts and informational displays on Richmond in the world. With great accommodations nearby and a low entrance fee, the Valentine is a must for history buffs.

With so many things to do, the danger in Richmond is clearly not finding enough to do but in finding enough time to do it all. Book your trip to this national treasure today.