What to Do On Your Visit to Jekyll Island, Georgia

Near Brunswick, Georgia, you’ll find an island with a unique history. Back in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Jekyll Island was the most exclusive club for the rich and famous, and the elite 1 percent would stop by whenever they wanted to have a quiet vacation. These days anyone can enjoy Jekyll Island, and since it’s still a vacationer’s paradise, there’s plenty to do once you’re there.

Relax in the Jekyll Island Club Resort

The superrich might spend their time at other clubs on other islands, but the Jekyll Island Clubhouse stands to this day. The club is now a resort hotel that offers a combination of old-fashioned pastimes and modern luxuries whether you’re staying in one of the guest rooms or you’re just visiting. As you might expect, the rooms can be expensive, but the island has a few other accommodation options you can check out if you’re on a strict budget.

Discover Turtles at the Georgia Sea Turtle Center

The Georgia Sea Turtle Center is just east of the Club Resort on Stable Road. It’s a relatively new addition to the island, and it exists to educate the public about sea turtles and their environment. The center also rehabilitates sea turtle patients in a hospital area where visitors can watch. A general admission ticket lets you watch the vets treat and feed the patients, and you can pay extra to get a behind-the-scenes tour on the other side of the glass. The center also offers ecotours that take you to the turtle breeding grounds in the summer.

Play Around at Summer Waves Water Park

South of the main road is Summer Waves Water Park, which you can visit on most days from May to September. It has all the attractions you’d expect from a water park: a lazy river, long water slides, a fountain splash zone, a wave pool, and a water playground area just for kids. It’s a safe and fun alternative to swimming along one of the island’s beaches. While the beaches have excellent views of the saline creeks and the Atlantic Ocean, they don’t have nearly as many water slides.

Explore the Jekyll Island Museum

The history of Jekyll Island dates back to Georgia’s days as a British colony, and a lot has happened on the tiny island despite its remote location and low population. You can learn more about this history in the Jekyll Island Museum, which sits where the Jekyll Island Club’s stable used to be. The exhibits are still horse stall-shaped, and you can buy a keepsake of your own at the attached gift shop.

Jekyll Island might not be an exclusive resort for the world’s elite any longer, but it’s still a lovely island on the Georgia coastline where visitors of every income level can find plenty to do. From the sandy beaches to the croquet lawns of the resort, Jekyll Island is a great place to relax and unwind.